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Kenya continues to impress and astonish even the most traveled of visitors. The incredible diversity of wildlife found in the Mara, Amboseli and the other parks in the country is what has made Kenya the destination for the classic safari for the last century. The herds of elephant, the masses of wildebeest and of course lion are just the starting point of any safari. Experience the culture of the traditional Masai that live in Kenya's national parks. Learn to make fire without matches, take a tour of a typical Masai hut and test your jumping skills against Masai warriors.

For the more adventurous, Africa abounds with extreme activities. Thrill-seekers will want to trek the slopes of Mt. Kenya, Africa's 2nd highest mountain, as well as try out the white water rafting opportunities in the central part of the country. Those headed to the ocean will find the idyllic white-sand beaches of Mombasa and Lamu to be a soothing escape into a coastal paradise.




The "Mara" is the most famous park in Kenya with over 450 types of birds and 95 species of animals, including all of the 'Big 5'. The Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra occurs here annually from July to September.


Resting at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli contains 2 swamps nestled in the midst of this vast arid grassland. African elephants are plentiful and the sparse vegetation provides excellent opportunities for viewing the buffalo, impala, lion, cheetah, hyena, giraffes, zebra, and wildebeest in Amboseli.


The lake's naturally occurring algae attracts more than 2 million flamingos to the shores of Lake Nakuru along with over 400 other species of bird. Zebra, impala, gazelle, lion, leopard, hyena, hippo, buffalo and white rhino are common along with the 30 endangered Rothschild giraffe.


Mt Kenya stands as the 2nd highest mountain in Kenya at 5,199 meters (17,057 ft). Most visitors ascend to Point Lenana at 4,985 meters (16,355 ft), beyond which requires technical climbing. The Mt Kenya National Park is home to elephant, bushbuck, eland, rhino, leopard and waterbuck.


This collection of 3 parks attracts a diverse array of animals to its permanent supply of water. Leopards are more common here than anywhere else in Kenya. Lion, cheetah, elephant, buffalo and hippo live here along with more rare Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe and more than 350 species of bird.


The park's streams, rivers, and waterfalls are surrounded by mountain tops. Great hunters like the lion, leopard and African hunting dog live in this less traveled park, attracted by the Cape buffalo, waterbuck, eland, elephant and baboon. The waterholes in the park provide for excellent wildlife viewing at night.


View some 26 orphaned chimps while boating through the Chimpanzee Sanctuary located here. Positioned between the slopes of Mt Kenya and Aberdares, Sweetwaters affords the opportunity to see lion, elephant, white and black rhino, cheetah and even 'Max', the park's tame rhino.