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A Muslim trading post for centuries, this island combines Swahili and Muslim culture in a very unique way. Warm weather year-round.

Dress & Behavior

The island is 95% Muslim and while alcohol and tobacco are freely available, visitors should dress modestly and refraining from public displays of affection. When in town, women should cover their shoulders and knees. Men should not walk bear-chested or wear swimming trunks.

Spice Tours

Visit a spice plantation to view and taste the many spices and fruits available. Spices include cloves, nut meg, lipstick, iodine plant, lemon grass, vanilla, henna & more. Fruits include jack fruit, rambutan, oranges, custard apple, guava, mango, papaya, bungo & many more.

Stone Town

The capital city of Zanzibar, Stone Town boasts centuries of history. Winding, narrow streets lead to markets, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and more. Historical sites include: the Tip Tip House, the Old Fort, the Peoples Palace, the House of Wonders, the Kidichi Persian Baths and Dr. Livingston's House.

North Coast

Find a mellow atmosphere and the opportunity to swim at all tides. Excellent diving and snorkelling. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary, where injured turtles are nursed to health before being released. The north coast is the dhow-building capital of Zanzibar.  Enjoy a party atmosphere at most of the bars and hotels at night.

East Coast

Less of a party atmosphere at night compared with the North Coast. There is no swimming at low tide, as the tide recedes 1-2 km. Great snorkelling and diving is available, with a barrier reef about 1 km offshore.