About Us


Anjali Devani started Travel Wild in 2000 with the dream of hosting visitors from across the globe to come experience the magic of East Africa.  Travel Wild was built as the guiding principle of providing the most intimate experience combined with the absolute best customer service possible.  We expect that every one of our guests leaves East Africa having been blown away by the level of service, the professionalism, and most of all the unique and fascinating experiences available only in Kenya and Tanzania.



We arrange a number of holiday options for our guests.  Safaris, Beach Destinations, Zanzbiar Tours, Day Excursions, and Adventure Holidays.  To list the activities doesn't do them justice.  To really tell what we do, we organize for our guests to...

...sit 2m from a pride of lions as they stalk their prey

...stare a 6000kg (13,000lb) elephant in the eyes as he plays in a waterhole

...watch the sun rise over the horizon from atop Africa's tallest mountain

...enjoy a pina colada with white-sand beneath you and coastal paradise all around

...bite into a fresh mango at a spice plantation in Zanzibar


We have listed our most popular itineraries here on our website.  However, every guest's travel plans are unique, just as their desires are unique.  For more information on any of our itineraries or to request a custom itinerary, please email info@travel-wild.com and we will get back to you within 12 hours.